Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weight Loss Program

While generally not something I'm too public about, it occurs to me that documenting my weight loss progress might be both therapeutic for myself and maybe even useful to someone else.

I'm significantly overweight. Maybe when this is farther along or I've reached certain goals I'll be more specific with the numbers, but let's just say, for now, that this won't be a short journey. I've tried doing it by myself, Weight Watchers, and Nutrisystem and I've had some success each time, but for one reason or another, I eventually made less and less progress and one attempt would just merge into the next. I know it will come off as arrogant, but failing like this at something that is important to me is not a feeling I'm used to. In my life, I've been pretty successful at setting my mind to do something and then doing it. Not succeeding here has had a more far reaching effect than just on my weight or health. The idea that I could want to do something quite badly, have the resources to achieve it and then fail to do so puts the failure squarely on my own shoulders and that  frustration subtly seeps into other areas of my life where I had never before lacked confidence.

So now I'm trying to get back on track. I am going with a program managed by the Methodist Hospital System here in Houston. I wanted to try something that was a "real" medically supervised program. Some of the programs I've come across give me a real used car salesman feeling when I investigate them. My hope was that this program, being associated with a real and respected hospital system, was less likely to be shady or its benefits oversold. While to some degree this has held true, I have to admit that there's has still been a little of that "What aren't you telling me?" feeling at times, but I'm pushing forward anyway. And the inefficiency!! I swear, I've filled out five different forms asking for the EXACT same information each time. Maddening!

The program is expensive; I mean, seriously expensive, compared to alternatives, but you do get weekly consultations with real nutritionists and medical personnel to monitor your status and provide training on the necessary behavioral changes required to make the losses achieved permanent. The only other weekly accountability program I've tried was Weight Watchers and while I liked the accountability, I hated every other aspect of those meetings. I'm sure every group is different, but in my case sitting around with fifteen women aged 45-70 talking about the results of the latest dancing based reality show nearly drove me to violence.

In any case, I am travelling the next two weeks and so will have my Startup Orientation meeting on the Tuesday after I come back. I'll probably start the program in earnest the following Friday. I'll report back as things move along. 

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