Monday, March 11, 2013

Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral Analysis; that what they called the session I had today with the therapist. I'm not complaining though. It was quite a nice step in right direction compared to the Startup Orientation I attended last week. I spoke with Kate for about an hour. We talked about all the things you might expect: why I was doing this, what my goals are, what emotions were associate with my eating, and then just some general conversation that I'm sure was more than that from her perspective. I don't know if it's because she was actually a professional therapist or what, but the whole thing was very comfortable and she not only had lots of good questions, but provided lots of detailed information about the program that I had been missing. This kind of experience is what I was hoping for and expecting from this hospital administered and quite expensive program, so I was glad to finally have it.

I started on the beverages yesterday. It's a really simple program. I space four of the beverages out over the course of the day and drown myself in water. Lots and lots of water. Soooo much water. The beverages are nothing special but they're not terrible either. I bought a magic bullet to make mixing them a little easier and more thorough. I'm experimenting with blending ice in and how much water to use in the pudding based packets. Living alone and working from home does make me somewhat of a hermit but id definitely makes sticking to this program a lot easier. There are few temptations and no explanations to co-workers or the like.

There is one unexpected problem. This came up during the Startup Orientation but I forgot to mention it in my last post. The very low carbohydrate and calorie diet that I'm on means that they ask me to actually avoid any kind of strenuous exercise. This makes total sense, of course, but it still threw me for a loop. I love to play tennis and over the past three months with my FitBit, I had really gotten in the groove with walking. They said that since I'm mostly playing double that I could try to play tennis and just see how it works, but to be careful and listen to what my body might be telling me about fatigue. These weren't encouraging words.

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