Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 4 - My first Regular Meeting

So two things today. I went to my first weekly meeting and I played a bit of tennis. The meeting was good. The person running the behavior analysis and training in Sugar Land was completely different in personality from the lady who did my original behavioral assessment. In our one-on-one meeting she struck me as a little stern. Not mean, or terse, but well... stern is the best word I can think of. Later though, in our group meeting I got a better picture of her and I think my first impression may have been too harsh. Time will tell.

The overall experience takes about two hours. The first hour is a bunch of waiting punctuated by a stint with the nurse to weigh in talk about any medical issues, a one-on-one with the therapist, and the same with the nutritionist. I think my nurse was nervous. I don't know why, but I got a  deer-in-the-headlights feeling from her the whole time. Maybe it was her first day. Since it had been a month since the labs for my physical, she gave me a form and told me I could call the company on the form and set up an appointment to go in and have them draw some blood. Our meetings are in a medical building that's part of hospital and there no place in THAT building or the hospital to have the labs done? I'm not sure what that's about but whatever. The nutritionist and the therapist, who I've already mentioned, we're good. It was pretty much the same questions I had already answered and the same information that had already been given to me, but there was a few new things like how even breath mints or gum have a carb or two and using more than a few a day can throw me out of ketosis, which is bad because getting into ketosis and staying there is what the first stage is all about.

The second hour was the group meeting but there were only four of us; five if you count the therapist. Today the subject was all about emotional meeting. I'm not a huge fan of group meetings, as anyone who knows me will attest, but this was not too bad. It was clear that the therapist knew a heck of a lot more than your typical Weigh Watchers group leader. I didn't talk much but I'll try to contribute more next time... perhaps.

I've been on the beverages four days. The first day was a little tough, but since then, it hasn't been to bad. Other than my breath (which they warned me about). It's AWFUL. It's so bad, even I can smell it. Uggg. I've gotten better about finding good mixtures of ice and the amount of time to let the puddings sit in the fridge to cool. They told me that after a few days I really wouldn't feel too hungry, but I was pretty darn hungry today. My stomach was making all kinds of mean noises at me. Drinking some water helps when I feel this way.

I also played a little tennis with Rob. I was actually kind of nervous as this was the first meaningful activity I had tried. It was fine. We didn't play too long and I definitely took it a little easier than I normally would have. By the end, though, I was beginning to feel it and when I got home I was pretty wiped out. Considering we only played one set, that's not all that promising. Oh well, this stage won't last forever. Around six weeks, I think.

Speaking of Rob. It's odd. I am really tremendously good friends with Rob and Kirstin and the kids. They really are family to me, just like my parents and my sisters, but our relationship has never been very touchy-feely. I never know how much about these kinds of personal things to talk about with them. I don't know. I spend almost all day every Saturday with them  and I don't want them to feel weird on constrained about what they can do with me around. I've tried to tell them that, but I'm not sure I'm getting through. We'll see

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