Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Start Up Orientation!

I'm backdating a few posts in order to keep a better timeline.

So "today" (not really, but let's pretend) I went to the Start Up Orientation for the weight loss program I've decided to participate in. It was a little dissapointing. I don't know what I was expecting but the first informational meeting was packed with so few real details that I kind of expected this to be the "next step" but no, we just jumped right in with weighing in, ordering and receiving the beverage mixes, and a very brief discussion about what to expect. I left feeling like maybe I had missed a meeting somewhere in-between, but I guess not.

The program has three stages. The first is about losing weight fast, but to do this safely you need pretty frequent monitoring. This starts with a complete physical and some lab work (more on that later) and during the program, especially the first stage, you spend time with a nutritionist and a therapist (at my location the lady happens to be a psychologist) every week, and a doctor every four weeks. You also have new lab work done every four weeks. So. yeah, pretty closely monitored.

The beverages don't strike me as too exciting. but we'll see. I guess it's not about excitement. Even though I will be going to the Sugar Land Methodist facility, I have an appointment with the Katy therapist next Monday.

As I mentioned above, I had to get a physical before starting the program. My doctor is just absolutely painful to get in to see, and frankly I haven't been terribly thrilled with some of my visits. I called his office to set up the physical. They said they could see me in April. Keep in mind, it was the middle of February when I called. APRIL. So I found a new doctor. I did a little searching on Angie's List and a few other reviewing sites. The information was thin, but there were some good things said about the doctor's at Sugar Lake Family Practice and especially about a Dr. Pozzi. I called to see if he was accepting new patients (he was) and set an appointment for that same week. He was nice and the Physical went fine. My cholesterol was a little high but he wanted to hold off on any medication or other treatment until we saw how the weight loss program was working. All in all, the experience was uneventful and I have a better feeling moving forward with Dr. Pozzi than I did with my previous doctor. We'll see.

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