Sunday, March 24, 2013

Starting Week 3

I've been slow to post another entry since my last. One of the main reasons was that weight loss during the first week of a program isn't really something to crow about. Most people will lose a pretty heft chunk of weight during that first week and it definitely isn't indicative of the typical results one will experience the rest of the time on the program. Sure enough, that was the case this time as well. Even though it shouldn't have been, I found my second week a tiny bit disappointing; not so much that I'd say it out loud, but a blog isn't "out loud". Right? So looking at the overall picture, I've lost about 16 lbs. but the majority of that was in the first week. This week was only about 4.5 lbs. That's nothing to sneeze at of course, but despite knowing that the first week wasn't the start of a pattern, it's still a little rough coming off those large losses back into normalcy.

This week was also the first time that I really craved normal foods. I don't even want to write too much about it here because if I do, I'll just think about it more. It's not that I'm hungry, but the pleasure and wonderful taste of some items, even some healthy ones, is something I miss. A lot. The beverages (soups and puddings included) are getting old fast. Still... I did hit a nice milestone today and I'm think (hope) I can stick with it long enough to get me over a few humps that exist from my previous weight loss attempts. These are mental humps I'm talking about. Numbers that once I reach them I'll feel like I'm entering new territory. I think getting to and past these levels will be a good motivator.

I've made a couple of bad choices in my beverage selections. A few things were fine when I tried them once, but then having them a few days in a row make them almost gag-worthy. Uggg. Luckily, I started the program a little off of the weekly schedule and therefore have extra beverages available to me which allows me to spread out the not so awesome stuff over a longer time. The winners for me so far have been Chocolate, Chocolate Pudding, Lemon Pudding, and Strawberry. The worst options have been the soups (Broccoli Cheese and Cream of Chicken) and for some reason, the Vanilla Pudding, although the Vanilla Pudding may just have been because I prepared it wrong once (forgot it was pudding and prepared it like a beverage and it was way to creamy). I've tried it again since then and it wasn't so bad.

The weekly clinics and meetings continue to be good for the most part. The actual topic of last weeks meeting wasn't terribly useful at this stage of our program, but the lady leading it seemed intelligent and well versed in the field (she was a nutritionist). I don't know if they alternate each week between the behavioral lady and the nutritionist, but it's a nice change of pace having two very different ways of looking at the issues people face with weight. Both views are valid and important for just about everyone, of course.

I'me very curious as to how this third week will go. I am now well ensconced in ketosis and past the "initial heavy loss" phase. This week may be a good indicator of what to expect on a regular basis. In the meantime, I'll enjoy my dreams of carne guisada tacos and Papa Murphy's take and back thin crust pizza. Oh mercy...

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