Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thirty Pounds Lighter

Earlier this week I hit something of a milestone. I not only reached thirty pounds lost since starting, but I'm now lighter than I have ever been since I started paying attention to my weight, which was about five years ago. Before that I didn't even own a scale.

I'm at about five and a half weeks into the program. Have any of my impressions changed? Not really. The beverages and puddings are still really tedious, repetitive, and boring, but they're not terrible; well, most of then aren't. The weekly clinical sessions continue to be a little disappointing. The groups classes with the "counselor" are really good, but they only happen every three or four weeks. That's too bad as those have been the most helpful classes by far. The nutritionists on the team are great at being nutritionist (I assume), but they don't hold very good classes. The sessions aren't interesting and nearly as knowledge rich as they should be. There's a tremendous amount to learn on that topic and it's just not happening. Another bummer is that the meetings times have gotten so busy that for two weeks in a row, there has been no opportunity for me to meet with either the nutritionist or counselor individually. This ticked me off a little bit. This is an expensive program and one of the justifications for this expense is the one-on-one time. If they can't provide that service, then we're not getting what we're paying for. They need to get on the ball and schedule additional meetings times or add people to the team.

As I mentioned previously, the pace of loss isn't exactly what I had been hoping for. I can live with the current rate of about three and a half pounds a week, but that pace becomes a little harder to stomach, almost literally, when you consider that a disciplined and a well managed diet based on real food should result in about two pounds a week. Real food... my mount waters just typing those words. I don't think I've ever craved vegetables in my entire life, but if I could even have a bowl of broccoli right now I'd devour it like a lion would an antelope. Mmmm, antelope... what I wouldn't do for an antelope right now. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Week 4; Progress Slower but Still Steady

I'm well into week 4 now (almost at week 5, really). This week has been a bit of laggard. My weight has been a lot more "bouncy". I was down and then back up and then a little less down. I have a pretty neat scale that measures body fat as well as weight (and sends all the info to a web site wirelessly too!). This extra body fat information is interesting in that this number has been much more steady and linear in its decline than my actual weight. The graph on the Fitbit site that shows body fat percentage is very clean and straight. I don't know what it really means from a medical sense, but it is reassuring to see this number go down that tenth or two-tenths of a percent on a regular basis. Given the nature of the diet that I'm on and how controlled and specific it is with each day being EXACTLY the same as the previous one, I rather expected my weight loss to follow a more regular schedule as well. That doesn't seem to be the case.

I've lost about 3.4 pounds the last two weeks (each week). I know that's nothing to sneeze at, but I look at it with the other aspects of the diet in mind (the less than exciting beverages, occasional weakness, frequent hunger, social awkwardness around meal focused events) and while I'm still firmly committed, I'm having a few misgivings. Hopefully, this will pass.