Thursday, June 6, 2013

Two Milestones

Over the last seven days I've reached two, somewhat related, goals. One was 50 pounds (actually 55 now) lost since I've started on this new plan. As an aside, it's also 75 pounds since my heaviest ever a year or so ago. The second milestone was my weight reaching a nice round number that I am using as the green light to embarking on an adventure. I'm not quite ready to talk about specifics of this adventure yet, but I'll just say that I'm taking steps towards a dream I've had since I was a kid.

Reaching for this dream now is a little about seizing the day; recognizing that there's not an unlimited time in front of me to do things like this, as well as it being a reward to keep myself motivated on the weight loss. Losing the weight is obviously a reward in itself, but it has really helped to have this intermediate BIG reward. If I had saved this until reaching my final weight goals, I think I might have had more "man, will I ever get there?" moments. Ont hat note, these last ten pounds did feel like they were taking forever. In fact, they did take a little longer than some of the other 10 pound ranges I've lost, but that's a different post.

I'm excited. I look very different than I did three months ago and a huge number of the weight related discomforts (small chairs, airplane seats, long car rides, etc.) are either fading or mostly gone. I wouldn't quite say I'm in the home stretch yet, but I can at least see the fuzzy outline of the finish line in the distance. My next big milestone is 30 pounds away. At that point, my doctor and I will be evaluating what my true goal weight should be. It might be right there, but I suspect it will be be a little lower still. The final pounds to lose, though, will certainly be through a more normal diet and exercise program.

Speaking of which, I might be shifting of the ketosis based plan sooner rather than later anyway as my results have slowed down quite a bit over the past four weeks. If my loss rate levels off where it currently is, then I'll probably stick with the beverage based plan until that next milestone, but if it weekly losses start to get too much lower than what they are now, I'm going to have to re-evaluate the pros and cons of the program vs a more traditional system.