Sunday, July 7, 2013

July - Blah...

Another month. I'd post more, but there's really just not that much happening. I eat (rather, mostly drink) the same things every day, every week, and now every month for what feels like forever, but since I'm making progress I guess I won't complain. I've now dropped almost 75 pounds. I'm about 12 pounds from a big milestone. When I reach that point I will still be overweight by anywhere from 20-35 pounds, but I will be well within the range where I can begin the transition back to normal foods. I'll need to decide whether I'm ready to begin that transition or whether I want to continue for a bit longer on the beverage diet. I'm not sure which way I'll go.

For some reason, I'm finding it difficult to get excited about my weight loss. In fact, I've been feeling quite "blah" lately and I have no idea why. Physically, I really don't feel very different, which is bizarre considering how much weight I've lost. How can that be? I certainly don't see myself differently. Will this come, or was I expecting too much? Sometimes I think I need to shake things up in a big way. I'm talking "moving or getting a new job" kind of shakeup, but losing weight was supposed to be a big shakeup of the same type and so far.... eh. There's no way losing the weight can be viewed as a bad thing, but moving or switching jobs certainly could, and I don't have any reason to believe that I'd get the intended impact from such a move anyway. Like I said. Blah. Maybe it's the rut of the food thing making  these other aspects of my life feel more rut-like.

So sorry; this isn't a very upbeat update, but on the positive side, as I mentioned above, I am still making good progress on the weight thing. That's something, for sure.

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