Friday, August 29, 2014

Run Journal - #10 - 14

Edit: I'm removing the embedded run details and replacing them with links to the Garmin Connect pages. The embedded details were causing the blog page to load very slowly. Kind of sucks though as they added a nice visual for each run. Oh well...

Whoops. Fell behind again.


Shoes: Saucony Kinvara 5
This was a good run. For whatever reason, I felt terrific during and after this run. Unfortunately, that didn't translate into any kind of speed improvement, but that's Ok, I guess.

So why the good vibes on this one? Thinking back here are some potential reasons:
  1. I ate a pretty huge and carby meal the night before, but this seems just as likely to contribute to an awful run as a good one given past experience.
  2. For once, I got a decent amount of sleep Friday.
  3. For the first time, I brought along an energy gel and downed it at about the 40 minute mark.
  4. Just the randomness of the universe.
If I had to guess, I'd probably say it's a combination of numbers 3 and 4, but who knows. What I am sure of is that my big tex-mex meal the night before gave me massive gas for during the run. Maybe I should add that as number 5: "Inconsistent but powerful bursts of gaseous propellant meant less work for my legs." The people running behind me didn't seem to appreciate this particular method of locomotion. I'm pretty sure I heard startled cries and weeping once or twice from back there...


Shoes: Altra One 2
Still not sure about these shoes. It was a 30/easy run today (30 minutes at easy pace). I'm trying to slowly improve my short run paces without moving my marathon training (long run) pace goals. I'm hoping that as the weekly big runs get longer and longer, the fact that I'm improving my effort on the short mid-week runs will allow me to simply maintain pace on the long ones. We'll see.


Shoes: Saucony Kinvara 5
Hills today and no wimpy 30 minutes like last week. We're back to 45 for now. I pushed a little harder today than I have the last two weeks (at least it felt like it, although there was no pace improvement to  reflect that effort).  That combined with the extra time left me drained afterwards. And soaked... just so, so, sweaty. Uggg.


Shoes: Merrell Bare Access 3
This was a recovery day so 20/easy (20 minutes at an easy pace). I didn't really mean to go at a 9:20 pace, but it's these shoes (don't know why) and the very short time made it difficult to keep the pace down.


Shoes: Nike Free Flyknit 4
Today was a 30/tempo run. I've been trying to figure out what "tempo" actually means, but for now, I figured I'd just try to run faster than I normally would. My goal today was 9:00/mi. I try not to compare myself against runners I follow on blogs but when I see them running 8:00/mi on their long runs (and long for them is 15 miles) I admit to feeling more than a little inadequate. Nevertheless, 9:00 was my goal today and I hit it. I was genuinely WIPED OUT at the end of this run. It's odd. Yesterday was 20 minutes at 9:20/mi and today was 30 at 9:00/mi and the difference in how I felt was huge. This was the first time in a long time that kept checking my watch near the end just begging for the time to be over. 

On the positive side, my heels felt terrific! They've really been giving me quite a bit of trouble lately but Wednesday night I had a yoga session where we focused a lot on balance and after the balance poses the instructor had us use a small hard ball under our foot massaging it back and forth. I've done then several times before using a lacrosse ball, but I've been a little lazy about it lately (I will get back to it after this for sure). I'm not certain if it was the stretching involved in the balance poses or the recovery work afterward, but my heels felt better than they have in weeks when I went on the run Thursday. I can't let that work on my feet slide like this and I'm thankful to the instructor for reminding me how effective it can be. 

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