Monday, August 11, 2014

Run Journal - #2

Shoes: Altra One 2

Most weekday runs on the USA Fit training plan are time, rather than distance, based. Today's was scheduled as an "easy" run, meaning supposedly at a "conversational" pace. Since it was short, I decided to run straight up (no intervals). I was a little more tired than I felt like I should be after only a 35 minute run. Perhaps it's because I didn't have a day off between my long run and the Monday run like I usually do. Not sure. At 9:51 mi/min it was definitely a little slower than some of my more recent short runs, but I also in no way "pushed it" today; which is another reason why I was a little disappointed at being so tired at the end of it.

I still haven't made up my mind on the Altra One 2's. They are very different than my other shoes. Sometimes I wish I could take a second pair with me on a run and switch mid way just to feel the difference real time. I guess I could actually do that by running a path that brought me by my house mid way through. Hmmm....

This week is unusual. We have runs scheduled every day (including yesterday which was supposed to be a 5K but I did my long run instead). Usually we have 1 long run and then 3 week day runs. I'm not sure why this week is different. They may have mentioned the reasoning at the group run, but as I explained in the last journal entry, I missed it.

Tomorrow is a 40 min "hills run". I'm not a huge fan of these, especially as they require me to drive to them which means getting up even earlier. There are NO hills in this area. Zero. I'm actually using a pair of road overpasses that are close to each other as my hills. 

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