Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Run Journal - #3

Shoes: Saucony Kinvara 5

Today I ran hills, or rather, in my case, overpasses. Not a bad run, but my calves are feeling a bit sore after three days straight. I meant to foam roll last night but whoops, forgot. Not the best excuse, I know. Oh well.

I like the Kinvaras; perhaps not as much as some of the reviews I read, but unlike some other shoes, I basically forget about them once I get going. The uppers do tend to become discolored which is weird, but not all that important.

My times were consistent with the past hill run at the same location. I try to do about 8:15 going up the hills and then recover on the down slope and always try to do the last one or two at 7:15 or so.

There a number of other USA Fit folks out there today. We all have the same schedules and today was "hills" day and seeing that we were gathered at the same location just reinforces the fact that it's frikkin flat around here.

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