Thursday, August 14, 2014

Run Journal - #4

Shoes: Merrell Barefoot Run Bare Access 3

Ha! I hesitated to even put the Garmin Connect link above. My GPS watch had NO idea where I was this morning for the first mile, so the data is way, way off, but oh well. That's never happened before, so I'll give my little orange buddy (Garmin ForeRunner 310xt) a break and not criticize it too much.

The shoes I wore today are quite different from most of the ones I run in. As the name suggests, they have much less cushion and are zero drop. The Altra One 2's I use are also zero drop but shaped very differently and with quite a bit more cushioning. I really like running in these; or at least I do after the first quarter mile or so. For whatever reason, that first bit feels awful. My achilles screams at me (one of the niggling injuries I've been meaning to blog about) and I feel like I'm slamming my feet down on a hard surface, which, I guess, is actually what I'm doing. It just doesn't usually feel like it.

After that first distance though, things smooth out and I find that I like these shoes maybe more than any others I've run in; at least for shorter distances. I haven't really tried them for anything longer than about 4 miles. Merrell shoes fit my feet better than any other brand I've tried, and I've tried quite a few over the last few months. With just about anything else, I have to size up quite a bit to make up for my stupid right foot which is significantly larger than my left. With most Merrell's I can get away with an 11 or 11.5 whereas everything else starts at 12 and often ends up at 12.5 in order to fit my right foot. (My left foot hates my right foot. They argue constantly with names like fatty and disfigured being thrown around...)

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