Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Doctor's Visit and My First Missed Run

The scheduled run today was for speed training - 9x60/60; nine intervals of 60 seconds of run and 60 seconds of recovery. It didn't happen. I had a early doctor's appointment and decided to skip the run, or at least delay it until afterwards.

The doctor didn't give me great news. He thinks it's achilles tendinitis. I guess that's not a surprise. The prescription? Rest. Crap... That's not what I wanted to hear, although it's a no-brainer that that is what would be recommended. I asked him whether or not it would be reasonable to carefully continue my running for a few more weeks at least until I'd completed the half marathon scheduled in October. While he obviously couldn't give me any guarantees, he did say that with stretching, before and after the run, using an anti-inflammatory medication, and just being cautious, I could probably get away with it. Those weren't his exact words, of course, but that was my take-away. So, that's what I'm going to try.

This probably does put the kibosh on the full marathon scheduled for January. I'm not happy about that. I know it's probably necessary, but it still feels like I'm giving up; wussing out. Stupid, I know, but when I commit to a challenge, not completing it, for whatever reason, just sucks.

I was supposed to play tennis tonight but one of the late afternoon thunderstorms we tend to get this time of year made it a bit too wet so the match was cancelled. When I got that news, I decided to try to get today's run in after all. I stretched well and my achilles actually felt pretty good for the first quarter-mile but then a few sharp pains popped up. That's unusual for me. If I have achilles pain, it's almost always there right away and then fades as the I warm up. I decided to stop the run. It wasn't terrible pain, but I'm hoping that by giving it another day's rest, it will be better tomorrow. Fingers crossed...

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