Thursday, September 4, 2014

Run Journal - #16

Shoes: La Sportiva Helios

I'm off work this week (and it was Labor Day anyway) so I was able to take the time for a more fun run instead of around my neighborhood. I headed for the trails at Memorial Park in the middle of Houston. It's kind of like Houston's version of Central Park except quite a bit more "woodsy". This was far and away the most technical trail run I've ever done. There were lots of very steep inclines and descents over roots and through gullies. I was wiped out afterwards but still enjoyed it immensely. Also due to either the holiday or just because this is always a busy park, it was crowded. On my last trail run, I didn't run across a single other person, but today I spent quite a bit of time trying to get around or through other folks walking the trails. I much prefer the more solitary nature of my previous run up in Sam Houston Nation Forest. I may head back to to Memorial Park for another run, but I'll try to do so when it's less crowded.

Once again, no complaints about my shoes. I really like these La Sportiva Helios. The fit is great and the traction is flawless. I went through mud (rain the day before), over roots, and up and down steep banks with not one slip. 

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