Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Run Journal - #21


My Bowling/Running shoes -  Altra One 2
I've not quite made up my mind on these shoes. I guess if that's still the case by now, then I must not really like them all that much, but I'll be jiggered if I could tell you why. They are probably my most comfortable shoes (notice that wide toebox). They are the only shoes I own that feel good on both my feet instead of just the left. You'll also notice the calf sleeves today. The ole' calves have been burning a bit this week. I meant to wear them for the long run on Sunday, and if I had I probably could have avoided the burn. Lesson learned. I'll wear them for the 9 miler this Saturday.

Today was more speed work: 10x30/30 which means 10 iterations of 30 seconds run followed by 30 seconds recovery. That recovery tends is supposed to be a recovery "jog" but I'm not ashamed (ok, a little ashamed...) to admit I sometimes switched to a recovery "keel over and almost pass out" instead of jog. Hey, it was hot! Hot, I tell ya!

I'm not sure how much to trust the GPS based pace provided by my watch for such short distances, but it looks like I had a good bit of variation between 5:30 and 6:30 on my run splits. At least my last one was close to the low end which is (repeating for the last speed work post) what I was told to aim for. 

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