Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Run Journal - #22


Ran with Altra One 2's again today, so to avoid a repeat pic,
here's my watch after the run (Wow, I'm hairy! Gross!)
I trying to force myself to form an opinion on the Altra's so I wore them again today for a recovery/easy run. Just 20 minutes. Tomorrow is a tempo run so I'm glad to have the break as tomorrow will be my fifth straight day of runs including the long one.

Not much to say on today's run. As I've mentioned a few other times, I'm trying to go on a feel a bit more, especially on these "easy" runs, but as today's pace shows, that sometimes means I overdo it a bit when I'm supposed to be taking it easy. Still, it was just 20 minutes, so I don't think there's any harm done. It's fun to say that, by the way.  A year ago if you had asked me to run 20 minutes, I would have died, and two years ago I simply couldn't have done it, period.

Also, UPS just left me a new toy on my doorstep. I have a sickness, you know. Ever since I started this run thing, buying running shoes has become a crippling weakness. I swear I'm going to put myself in the poorhouse unless I deal with this addiction (kidding, of course; don't worry about me moving back in with you guys, Mom and Dad!). Here's my new fix: Hoka One One - Huaka. These are a HUGE departure from my normal shoe preference. I'm a semi-minimalist when it comes to shoes. While these are one of Hoka's most "minimal" shoes, the very fact that they are Hoka's means that they are firmly in the "maximal" category. Despite that, a few of the run bloggers I follow who are also minimalists have had good things to say about these shoes so I figured I'd see what all the hubub was about. I'll post some impressions after a run or two in them. After trying them on though, I can already say that my chronic "right foot bigger than the left" issue is going to be a problem. They are a little narrower in the toebox than I normally go for, but we'll see what I can do with the lacing to ease up some of the pressure.

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