Thursday, September 11, 2014

Run Journal - #23


Started a little late today so it was already light outside; this is
the view from my front door
Not a great run today. It was supposed to be a 35 minute "tempo" run, but I struggled to keep my pace up near 9:00 min/mile. I actually did something that I've haven't done since starting this training program. I stopped mid way through the run to catch my breath. Was I tired from 5 straight days of runs? Was it the new shoes? No way to know really. I can say, however, that I won't be using the new Hoka's on my long run Saturday, just in case they were what was giving me trouble. 
Calf sleeves with the new Hoka Huaka's; sexy!
I have rarely been more ready for a run to end as I was today. Whew! To make matters worse, I'm having some kind of issue with my favorite running tech, the Scosche Rhythm+ heart rate monitor that up till now has been flawless. I seem to be having an issue charging it. I cleaned the charging contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol after the run. Hopefully the only issue is just that the contacts are a little dirty. We'll see. It would make me terribly sad to see that device go kaput.

I'm hesitant to do much of a "first impressions" review of the Huaka's after a bad run. I don't want to be negative when the shoes may not be to blame, but I do have a few quick notes. I guess what surprised me was how little a difference I actually noticed. After all, these are a considerably different approach to shoes that what I normally run in. There was no feeling of "running on a cloud" as one might expect from a shoe so much more heavily cushioned than my others. As I mentioned above, I did feel like I was struggling to keep up a pace, but I don't want to lay the blame for that on the shoes just yet. They were a little narrower than most of my other shoes, but once I got started that didn't matter too much. All in all, I guess my first impression is kind of a shoulder shrug. They seemed fine, but not stupendous or wildly different. If my pacing struggles continue though, then will be a different matter. I typically switch up my shoes almost every run, but I may give these a go for all of next week to see if it's a "getting used to them" issue. I'm also curious what kind of impact, good or bad, the extra cushion will have on my feet and calves.

I finally made it back to my crossfit gym this afternoon after almost two weeks away. It was good to be back. I enjoy the people there; especially the folks who run it. They are genuinely nice people. When I first started going there I appreciated their good cheer and encouragement, but I thought it was really just part and parcel of their responsibilities in running the gym that led to their consistent good mood and encouragement of the members, but after almost a year there, I now know they they are just downright good people. I have no idea how they mange to be so upbeat and kind every single day, but I know that every time I go, I'm in a better mood when I leave than when I arrived, and it's not just the workout that does it.

Today's gym workout was ideal in that if focused on strength (especially core) and balance rather than endurance (although there's always some endurance in the "sweat-con" portion). Tomorrow is a rest day for running, so I hope the planned gym workout is more of the same. 

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