Thursday, September 25, 2014

Run Journal - #32

Details: 25 tempo
Shoes: Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit

It was a very short tempo run today so I tried to really push it after the first mile. I didn't make huge progress over my previous tempo runs, but I did get in about 20 seconds/mile faster than the last two weeks. Tomorrow is an off day (for running) and then Saturday is 11 miles. Only three weeks until the half marathon!

I mentioned my schedule yesterday, but didn't go into details. I was asked recently what my full schedule is these days:

  • Monday - Usually an easy medium length run and Yoga 101 Class in the evening (great class that has been terrifically helpful to my flexibility) 
  • Tuesday - Speed run intervals; league tennis in the evening
  • Wednesday - Easy short run and crossfit in the evening
  • Thursday - Tempo run and then yoga in the evening - I love this class; I don't know why but I always feel terrific afterwards
  • Friday - No running, but I go to crossfit in the afternoon/evening
  • Saturday - Long run with the training group
  • Sunday - Nada, nothing. Rest day.
Next week is my last Yoga 101 class, so after that I'll move crossfit to Monday and then take a different yoga class Wednesday. 

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